ACT Twin Disc MAXX Xtreme Race Clutch Kits (Twin Disc MAXX Xtreme Race Clutch Kits) | Chevy El Camino - Custom, 307ci V8 (1968-1973)

Vendor: ACT
SKU: T3R-G04

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  • Light a fire under your clutch pedal by bolting on an ACT Twin Disc Xtreme Race Clutch Kit
  • Custom configured with everything you need to upgrade your entire clutch assembly
  • Intended for tuned-up racecars with big boost, 100+ HP nitrous and other major modifications
  • Its ingenious twin-disc design wears slower, lasts longer and withstands higher heat
  • Dyno tested and lab tuned for optimal torque output
  • Xtreme Pressure Plates use ACT’s exclusive single-diaphragm technology to produce an impressive 50% – 120% of additional clamp load
  • Pick from a range of ACT Race Discs with a premium ceramic friction material
  • Finished with a CNC-carved aluminum flywheel that’s computer balanced to perform under pressure
  • Comes complete with release bearings, an alignment tool and pilot bearings (depending on your vehicle)
  • SFI certified for sanctioned races
  • Your ACT Twin Disc Xtreme Race Clutch Kit is covered by a 90-day warranty
First runner up. Silver medalist. Second place. Call it what you will, it's not winning unless you come in first. And for that, you need a clutch that's tuned to hold a ton of torque, strip away slip and withstand scorching heat. Smoke the competition off the line, down the straightaway and across the finish line with ACT Twin Disc Xtreme Race Clutch Kits.

From the corkscrew at Laguna Seca to the water boxes at Lucas Oil Raceway, your ACT Twin Disc Extreme Racing Clutch has the guts to go the distance at any track. It all starts with the Xtreme Pressure Plate, which cranks up your clamp load by a jaw-dropping 50% – 120%. From there, ACT matches you up with a pair of their Race Plates in a range of styles and strengths depending on your vehicle. Last but not least, the entire assembly is finished with a CNC-carved aluminum ACT Flywheel.

Timing the perfect drift is your specially, not piecing together clutch components. With ACT Dual Disc Xtreme Race Clutches, there's no guesswork, head scratching or hair pulling. Drawing on eons of experience in the pits, ACT custom configures the entire system for optimal performance in your particular vehicle. Best of all, they're SFI certified, made in America and backed by a 90-day warranty.