ACT Twin Disc Heavy Duty Street Clutch Kits (Twin Disc Heavy Duty Street Clutch Kits) | Chevy Malibu - Base, 200ci V6 (1978-1979)

Vendor: ACT
SKU: T1S-G04

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  • Double your clutch action with the ACT Twin Disc Heavy-Duty Street Clutch Kit
  • Includes ACT’s Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate and the Twin Rigid-Hub street disc
  • ACT Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate:

    - 20-50% increase in clamp load
    - Recommended disc: street or race
  • Twin Rigid-hub Street Disc (S):

    - Minimum weight for faster shifts
    - Ultra-high burst strength
    - Engagement is quick, smooth and precise
    - Provides race-proven performance with street manageability
    - Increased gear noise
  • Kit comes with pressure plate, disc, release bearing, pilot bearings (if needed) and alignment tool
  • Choose from several torque capacities and driving characteristics (consult the ACT abbreviation code chart to find your clutch)
  • Recommended for street use and occasional racing
  • Your ACT Twin Disc Heavy-Duty Street Clutch Kit is backed by a 90-day warranty
A high-performance engine with a stock clutch spells trouble. A high-performance engine with a shoddy ‘performance' clutch spells double trouble. So, avoid the trouble and double your clutching pleasure with the ACT Twin Disc Heavy-Duty Street Clutch Kit. Increasing torque capacity by a street-shredding 40%, the ACT twin disc HD street clutch sets you up for twin pursuits-spirited street motoring and weekend racing action.

Transmitting horsepower with a carefully calculated combination of ACT components, the ACT twin disc street clutch is comprised of the popular ACT Pressure Plate mated to their Twin Rigid-Hub Street Disc. The pressure plate increases clamp load by 20-50%, and delivers a stock-to-moderate pedal feel. The twin street disc is super light for fast shifts with quick, smooth and precise engagement. Together, the plate and disc provide race-proven performance with easy-street manageability.

ACT's rock-solid reputation with drivers around the world stems from their history as the leading performance clutch and flywheel manufacturer for sport compacts and racing. Whether you're adding some performance to your daily drive time or flogging your daily driver at the weekend autocross, ACT dual disc HD street clutches always take the checkers. And, to shift this deal into high gear, ACT backs your Twin Disc Heavy-Duty Street Clutch Kit with a 90-day warranty.