ACT Twin Disc Heavy Duty Race Clutch Kits (Twin Disc Heavy Duty Race Clutch Kits) | Ford Galaxie - Galaxie 500, XL, 352ci V8, with 10 spline transmission (1963-1966)

Vendor: ACT
SKU: T1R-F06

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  • Double your clutch action with the ACT Twin Disc Heavy-Duty Race Clutch Kit
  • Designed to increase your ride's torque capacity by 80%
  • Choose several torque capacities and driving characteristics (consult the ACT abbreviation code chart to find your clutch)
  • Moderate-to-stiff pedal feel, aggressive engagement, stock to moderate gear rattle
  • Beats stock performance to keep up with your high-performance motor
  • Includes ACT’s Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate and the Twin Rigid-Hub street disc
  • ACT Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate:

    - 50-120% increase in clamp load
    - Moderate to stiff pedal feel
    - Recommended disc: street or race
  • Twin 6-Pad, Rigid-hub Disc (R):

    - Increased torque capacity
    - Faster shifts, reduced inertia
    - Good durability, but shortened spline life
    - Absorbs more heat than a 4-pad disc
    - Harsh engagement, chatter and gear noise
  • Recommended for rides with major mods, high boost or 100+ HP nitrous (high-hp street and racing use only)
  • Includes pressure plate, disc, release bearing, pilot bearings (if needed) and alignment tool
  • Your ACT Twin Disc Heavy-Duty Race Clutch Kit is backed by a 90-day warranty
When it comes to the ACT Twin Disc Heavy-Duty Race Clutch Kit, the root word for ‘Twin' is win! And the best way to guarantee win after win is to install this race-winning twin disc clutch kit into your dedicated track machine. Boasting a competition-dominating torque capacity boost of 80%, the ACT twin disc HD race clutch doubles your clutch power and sets you up to take the checkers.

In order to stick your tires to the tarmac, the ACT dual disc race clutch employs a carefully engineered combination of ACT components. The backbone of this kit is the wildly popular ACT Pressure Plate. This race-ready plate boosts clamp load by 50-120%, with moderate-to-stiff pedal feel. The Twin 6-Pad, Rigid-hub Disc greatly increases torque capacity, absorbs maximum heat and provides the ultra-quick shifts you need to take the win.

With a rock-solid reputation on tracks around the world, professional and amateur racers recognize ACT as the leader in racing clutches for sport compacts and more. So when it's time to double your odd of winning, join the band of ACT believers by installing the ACT twin disc HD racing clutch into your ride. And, ACT shift this deal into overdrive by backing your Twin Disc Heavy-Duty Race Clutch Kit with a 90-day warranty.