ACT Streetlite X Flywheels (Streetlite XACT Flywheels) | GMC C/K Pickup - C35, Base, naturally aspirated, 402ci V8, OHV (1970-1972)

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  • Shed critical pounds from your powertrain by changing out your factory flywheel with an ACT Streetlite XACT Flywheel
  • Speeds up engine response and enhances acceleration by creating less inertia than heavyweight stock flywheels
  • Designed, analyzed and improved using the latest CAD and FEA software
  • Rigid one-piece construction with fewer failure points for lasting durability
  • CNC-carved and dynamically balanced to ensure an even distribution of structural metal for smoother spinning and greater heat dissipation
  • Lead-in chamfers are cut into ring gears to promote smoother contact with the starter
  • Constructed to ACT’s tight fit, concentricity and parallelism tolerances
  • Fully maintainable and resurfaceable
  • Safe for the street and SFI Spec. 1.1 certified for the drag strip
  • Your ACT Streetlite Flywheel comes with a 90-day warranty
If your factory flywheel feels about as heavy as a manhole cover, swap it out for a lightweight ACT Streetlite Flywheel. Optimized for minimal weight and maximum performance, it ramps up your engine response time, electrifies your acceleration and boosts your high-speed safety.

Designed, evaluated and enhanced using CAD and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, ACT Streetlite XACT Flywheels feature an unparalleled degree of precision. These 1-piece flywheels are CNC-carved, dynamically balanced and heat treated. This ensures a precise fit on your camshaft, smooth spinning across the RPM spectrum and lasting durability in intense environments—all critical for consistent performance. And when they start to wear down, you can get your ACT Street Lite Flywheel resurfaced for extended life.

From the highway to the speedway, your ACT Streetlite Flywheel fits right in on the streets and at the drag strip. In fact, every ACT XACT Flywheel is SFI-certified, so they're competition ready. To top it off, they're backed by a 90-day warranty.