ACT Street Clutch Discs (Performance Street Sprung Disc) | Dodge Coronet - Super Bee, naturally aspirated, 426ci V8, OHV (1968-1970)

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  • Complete your performance clutch makeover with ACT Street Clutch Discs
  • Custom designed for your ride
  • Packed with the right amount of cushioning for positive engagement and full performance
  • Built from premium friction material that's optimized to absorb and recover from scorching temps
  • Available in three styles for most vehicles:
    Modified Discs deliver quicker shifting, added reliability and better-than-stock friction material
    Performance Discs are the most popular pick and feature premium friction material, steel-backed linings and greater engagement
    Rigid Discs give you lickety-split throws and big burst strength with diminished synchronizer stress but more gear noise and spline wear
  • Precision-broached splines for sure grip and extended lifespans
  • Manufactured in the USA using dedicated tooling for quality, consistency and strength
  • Held together with top-grade rivets
  • The heavy-duty torsional dampening springs are custom chosen for your vehicle
  • Heat treatments around the spring windows fight premature failures
It takes a complex chain of coordinated events to change gears. Throw-out bearings shove against pressure plates, which mash clutch discs against flywheels, which in turn pauses your power plant a split second so you can shift. But, this ballet of machinery comes to a grinding halt if the clutch disc falls short. Fight back against slip by upgrading to ACT Street Clutch Discs.

Sure shifts, positive engagement and peak transmission performance all come standard with your ACT Street Disc. Unlike flimsy factory discs, your ACT Organic Clutch Disc features friction material that's specially formulated to bite into your flywheel and hold fast—even when the heat is on. Plus, the splines are carefully broached for a precise fit, smooth clutch release and longer lifespan.

Whether you're looking for an ACT Sprung Disc or a Fully Rigid Disc, ACT's Street Clutch Disc Series has you covered. They're available in three styles for most vehicles: Modified, Performance and Rigid. Select models are SFI certified for the track, and all come backed with a 90-day warranty.