ACT Prolite X Flywheels (Prolite XACT Flywheels) | Ford Mustang - Base, naturally aspirated, 302ci V8, OHV (1969-1979)

Vendor: ACT
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  • Ready your track champ for intense competition with the Prolite ACT Racing Flywheel
  • The ACT Prolite Flywheel is the lightest option in the ACT lineup
  • Strips away performance-robbing inertia for an immediate kick in throttle response and acceleration
  • Designed using advanced CAD and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software
  • One-piece construction with an integrated ring gear for greater weight savings, rigidity and longevity
  • CNC-carved using precision patterns for a perfect fit on your crankshaft
  • Dynamically balanced for even weight distribution and greater heat dissipation
  • Lead-in chamfers on the ring gear allow smoother engagement with your starter for less wear and tear on both components
  • Manufactured to ACT’s strict tolerances
  • Easy to maintain and resurface
  • SFI Spec. 1.1 certified and safe for both road courses and rally circuits
  • Your ACT Pro Lite Flywheel includes with a 90-day warranty
Every pound on your competition car is another pound that your engine has to pull around the track. It might not seem like a lot, but it adds up quickly—and slows your top speed even more quickly. Put your powerplant on a high-performance diet with the ACT XACT Prolite Flywheel. Lighter than any other ACT Flywheel, it eases the load on your motor for electrifying throttle response and hair-raising acceleration.

More Milwaukee Mile than Main St, the ACT Prolite Flywheel is engineered from the ring gear up to excel at the track. CNC-machined from a precise CAD design, they feature a formidable one-piece construction that's rigid enough to withstand serious punishment while still spinning true across the RPM spectrum. Plus, they're dynamically balanced to ensure even weight distribution and efficient heat dissipation.

After almost two decades of crafting winning clutch upgrades for race teams the world over, ACT knows their way around both the machine shop and the speedway. So it should come as no surprise that every Prolite Lightweight Flywheel is SFI-certified and safe for hardcore road and rally racing. To top it off, ACT XACT Flywheels come with a 90-day warranty.