ACT Heavy Duty Street Clutch Kits (Sprung Clutch Kit) | Chrysler New Yorker - Base, naturally aspirated, 318ci V8, OHV (1979)

Vendor: ACT

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  • Buckle the blacktop with the ACT Heavy-Duty Street Clutch Kit
  • Increases torque capacity by 40%
  • Perfect for heavy-duty street use and occasional racing
  • Crafted using vehicle, dyno & lab testing, CAD & 3-D modeling, and Finite Element Analysis software
  • Exceeds stock performance to keep up with your high-performance engine
  • Includes ACT’s Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate and one of three street discs (depends on model)
  • ACT Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate:
    – 20-50% increase in clamp load
    – Stock-to-moderate pedal feel
    – Recommended disc: street or race
  • Modified Street Disc (MM):
    – Quicker engagement
    – Quiet operation
    – Improved friction material
    – Perfect for street or occasional race use
  • Performance Street Disc (SS):
    – ACT’s most popular disc
    – Measures 8mm thick when compressed (varies slightly)
    – Faster engagement and operation
    – Improved hub and burst strength
    – Crafted from the finest organic friction material
    – Perfect for street and race use
  • Rigid-hub Street Disc (SD):
    – Minimum weight for faster shifts
    – Ultra-high burst strength
    – Engagement is quick, smooth and precise
    – Provides race-proven performance with street manageability
    – Increased gear noise
  • Includes pressure plate, disc, release bearing, pilot bearings (if required) and alignment tool
  • Available in several torque capacities and driving characteristics (consult the ACT abbreviation code chart to find your clutch)
  • Your ACT Heavy-Duty Street Clutch Kit is backed by a 90-day warranty
What's it gonna be today? An all-out assault on the asphalt? A trip to the track to tear up the tarmac? Either way, it's nice to know your daily driver can handle both. And the easiest way to do that is to outfit it with the ACT Heavy-Duty Street Clutch Kit. Boosting torque capacity by a ground-pounding 40%, the ACT HD Street clutch is all you need for gnarly street driving and occasional racing action.

The ACT heavy-duty street clutch kit transmits power with a carefully calculated combo of ACT components. All kits include the Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate to increases clamp load by 20-50% with a stock-to-moderate pedal. Then depending on model, ACT includes their popular Performance Street Disc, Modified Street Disc or the Rigid-Hub Street Disc. Together, either combo sets you up for road and track domination.

ACT has built a solid reputation with drivers around the world as the leading performance clutch and flywheel manufacturer for heavy-duty compact and performance motoring. From racing for pinks or parking spots, checkered flag or fast-lane superiority, the ACT street clutch HD gets you there first! Even better, ACT backs your Heavy-Duty Street Clutch Kit with a 90-day warranty.