ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plates (Heavy Duty Pressure Plates - With 11" Diameter) | Chevy Caprice - Base, 396ci V8, OHV (1966-1969)

Vendor: ACT
SKU: GM013

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  • Satisfy your need for speed with an ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
  • These pressure plates increase your clamp load by 20% – 50% for immediate torque gains
  • Keeps your clutch pedal feeling like stock or moderately stiffer, depending on which ACT Disc you use
  • Designed specifically for your vehicle using cutting-edge Computer-aided Design (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software
  • Dyno tested for proof
  • CNC carved parts for precise results and lasting strength
  • Equipped with a single diaphragm that undergoes a four-stage heat treatment for added longevity
  • Induction hardened throw-out bearing contact
  • Computer balanced to withstand dizzying RPMs
  • Many ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plates are SFI Spec 1.1 certified—select your vehicle for more details
  • Pairs with both ACT Street and Race Discs
  • Your ACT Pressure Plate Heavy Duty includes a 90-day warranty
Commuting isn't just commuting—it's practice for the day you finally turn pro and replace your wool suits with Nomax jumpers. So make your morning drive count by swapping out your stock clutch plate for a sizzlin' ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate. Perfect for mildly modified rides, it delivers the ideal balance of performance and pedal feel for electrifying results you'll enjoy day in and day out.

Whether you're revving up at a red light or a Christmas tree, count on your ACT HD Pressure Plate to launch you off the line. Custom engineered and dyno-tested for your vehicle, this made-to-measure pressure plate cranks up your clamp load by 20% – 50% to fight off slip and funnel more torque to your driveline. And since it leaves your clutch pedal feeling almost like stock, it saves your leg from aches and pains in stop and go traffic.

ACT cuts no corners in the design and construction of your ACT Heavy Duty Clutch Pressure Plate. Built to be bulletproof, it features CNC-carved components, computer-balanced weight distribution, and a quadruple heat-treated diaphragm. Each ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate is built with pride in the USA and covered by a 90-day warranty.