ACT Clutch Release Bearings | Chevy Bel Air - Nomad, naturally aspirated, 283ci V8 (1957)

Vendor: ACT
SKU: RB466

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  • Get back to smooth shifting with ACT Clutch Release Bearings
  • Custom made for your specific year, make and model vehicle
  • Direct-fit design meets or exceeds OEM standards and specs
  • Works and feels just like a genuine factory replacement
  • Designed to deliver genuine factory replacement lifespan
  • Perfect for street and race use
  • Your ACT Clutch Release Bearings are backed by a 90-day warranty
When disengaging your clutch becomes disenchanting, or worse, just plain noisy and grindy, it's time to throw out that old throwout bearing. Problem is, OEM bearings can also throw your budget out of whack. So, seek out some wallet-friendly clutch engagement—the ACT Clutch Release Bearing.

The direct-fit design not only meets or exceeds OEM specifications, your ACT throwout bearing works and feels like a genuine factory replacement. Without the genuine factory sticker shock. And, since your ACT clutch bearing is built to the same factory standards, it delivers the same factory longevity.

Custom crafted for your specific year, make and model vehicle, the ACT clutch release bearing also offers a factory fit. And, to take things a bit beyond OEM, these bearings are also perfect for high-performance and race vehicles. And, to disengage any doubts, ACT backs your Clutch Release Bearing with a 90-day warranty.