ACCEL Super Stock Ignition Coils (For Breakerless Electronic Ignition Systems) | Ford Custom - Base, 351ci. V8 (1975-1976)

Vendor: ACCEL
SKU: 8145C

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  • Replace your old OEM canister style coil with the ACCEL Super Stock Ignition Coil
  • High-energy output improves starting, idle, throttle response and top-end RPM power
  • Crimped and soldered internal connections ensure positive contacts
  • Tall alkyd-tower design prevents flash over
  • Available for both points and breakerless ignition systems
  • Choose from a variety of custom finishes
  • CARB exempt and emissions legal in all 50 states
  • Your ACCEL Super Stock Ignition Coil is backed by a 90-day warranty
When your rod is coiled and ready to strike, the last thing you need is that weak factory ignition coil letting you down. Those old OEM canister-style coils work great for getting grandma to the store, not so great for striking your competition. So, replace that old-fashioned tomato can with a high-performance can of git ‘er done—the ACCEL Super Stock Ignition Coil.

Designed to replace the OEM coil in both points and breakerless ignition systems, the ACCEL Super Stock Ignition Coil delivers the hot spark your motor relies on. Along with quicker starts, the added juice improves throttle response, idle and upper-range RPM power. Just what you need to suck the headlights out of your competition.

On the inside, the crimped and soldered connections make for positive contacts. On the outside, your choice of ACCEL finishes lets you customize your under-the-hood style. And, not only is your Super Stock Ignition Coil CARB exempt and street-legal in all 50 states, ACCEL backs it with a 90-day warranty.