ACCEL Replacement Ignition SuperCoils (SuperCoil (Red and Yellow Primary Wire)) | Chevy Caprice - Estate Wagon, 454ci. V8 (1975)

Vendor: ACCEL
SKU: 140003

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  • Add a wicked jolt of juice into your ignition system with ACCEL Replacement Ignition SuperCoils
  • Custom designed for a direct replacement fit in place of that puny stock coil
  • Generates an extra 10-15% more power than stock coils for greater performance, faster starts and smoother idling
  • Packed with low-resistant, optimally turned windings around a silicone magnetic steel core for huge energy and voltage outputs
  • Cutting-edge bobbin technology
  • Comes with mounting hardware and instructions
  • Your ACCEL Replacement Ignition SuperCoil is backed by a 90-day warranty
That powerplant lurking under your hood doesn't run on gas and oxygen alone. It takes a strong flash of electrical power to ignite the fire that fuels your speed addiction. Unfortunately, stock coils generate the bare minimum current your plugs need, and the smaller the charge the weaker the combustion. Electrify your ride's voltage output with an ACCEL Replacement Ignition SuperCoil.

Like harnessing the power of lightning and bolting it under the hood your car, truck or SUV, an ACCEL super coil cranks the juice up to the max. Because they're packed with space-aged bobbin technology, silicone magnetic steel cores, optimal winding and a host of other cutting-edge designs that would make even NASA engineers drool, they have the strength to pump out 10-15% more power than an OE coil. And, that translates to more power in your gas pedal.

Leave the ohmmeters and oscilloscopes for the guys in white lab coats—you don't need a degree in electrical engineering to jump start your ignition system with an ACCEL SuperCoil. They're completely custom made to directly replace your stock coil—no soldering, wire cutting or rewiring needed. And, ACCEL Replacement Ignition SuperCoils come with a 90-day warranty.