ACCEL Ceramic Spark Plug Wires (Extreme 9000 Series - Under Valve Cover) | GMC Vandura - G25, 6.6L (400ci) V8 (1975-1978)

Vendor: ACCEL
SKU: 9018C

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  • Banish meltdowns from your engine bay with an ACCEL Ceramic Spark Plug Wire Kit
  • Custom sized to directly replace your flimsy factory wires
  • Equipped with ceramic spark plug boots that withstand up to 2000°F temps
  • Their double silicone wire jackets are rated for up to 600°F conditions
  • Ferro-Spiral core keeps the electrical resistance down for explosive combustion
  • Shielded against electromagnetic interference
  • Stainless steel spark plug terminals
  • 8mm in diameter
  • Sold as a complete set of wires for your specific vehicle
  • Your ACCEL Ceramic Spark Plug Wires are backed by a 90-day warranty
They say if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. The same is true for your engine compartment. When you're sprinting around town at full gallop, your motor gets hot enough to fry more than just an egg. Stock spark plug wires burn up and fail when the heat is on, but not ACCEL Ceramic Spark Plug Wires. These fire-loving wires are built from the ground up to survive the most sizzling conditions.

Old-school rubber boots may melt into pathetic pools, but your ACCEL Spark Plug Wires don't use rubber. Instead, each wire is equipped with a ceramic boot that's strong enough to withstand up to 2000°F. Plus, the wires themselves are double-coated with silicone, so they can chill in 600°F temperatures without losing their cool.

Beyond its near super hero-grade imperviousness to flames, your ACCEL Ceramic Spark Plug Wire Kit is engineered for track-grade performance on the street or the strip. Its Ferro-Spiral core produces practically no electrical resistance, so your wires deliver a full charge for explosive combustion—especially when paired with ACCEL spark plugs or other high-performance plugs. Plus, they're shielded against electromagnetic interference and packed with stainless steel terminals. They even come custom sized to directly replace your stock wires, and they're backed by a 90-day warranty.