Zac really seems to hate his back. Between the infamous DT Miata jump, partaking in the Gambler 500, and mobbing a hardtail bike on the mean highways of California - dude has taken some real damage to the vertebrae. So you KNOW that with King of the Hammers around the corner, he can't help but join in on Hammertown. But a real race truck is pricey... and police auction cars are not. So, Zac's answer? Competing in Hooptie-X in this $1000 Volkswagen Touareg. And being an auction car, this thing is worked. First step: remove that exhaust. Voila, straight piped Touareg!

Hoonigan Essentials

PIT STOP snapback $ 29.95 USD
FIERY pullover hoodie $ 54.95 USD
TIRE SHOP ss tee $ 24.95 USD
HAIRPIN zip hoodie $ 59.95 USD